Scorpion Legal Protection is for Individuals and Businesses in South Africa

27th October 2017

What is Scorpion Legal Protection About? 

  1. They provide you with legal representation without the need to first hunt for money
  2. Scorpion Legal Protection can protect you when your employer mistreats you
  3. They’ve been offering legal protection to South Africans since 1996
  4.  Scorpion protects you and your family from legal action against you
  5. They provide affordable legal policies that start at R45 a month

Sooner or later, everyone is going to need legal representation. Finding a lawyers needn’t be the costly affair you believe it to be. If you don’t make provision for legal protection, when you suddenly need a lawyer, then it can become massively expensive. If you take out legal cover (such as you take out medical insurance) you can rely on affordable legal services.

Its always a good idea to prepare for life’s events. Be sure to hire a lawyer before you get into Scorpion Legal Protectionanything that could cause you to want legal help. Certainly, if you’re starting a business, you’ll want a lawyer on your side. When entering into a lease or forming a partnership, having a lawyer to protect your rights should be a priority.

Setting up Business Using Scorpion Legal Protection


  • In business, a partnership is a legal relationship between 2 or more people. The partnership conducts a lawful undertaking with a view to making a profit.
  • The registration of a company involves the drawing up of certain documents. Any person is free to register a company. However, due to the importance and complexity of registering a business and filling in forms, you need legal advice.
  • When taking on staff and drawing up the contract you make an offer to employ in writing or orally. A written letter of appointment and an employment contract.
  • How often hasn’t it happened that a person accepts a job and then withdraws, causing the applicant to claim damages.
  • Employing staff requires legal responsibilities too – income tax, unemployment insurance and workmen’s compensation.
  • When you run a business – the law requires that the employer displays certain notices in conspicuous places on the premises.As you can see, setting up business is fraught with legalities, and the ones mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. It is far better from word go for a business to invest in legal cover.


Help With Employee Relations

► Scorpion Legal Protection says that some employers think they can treat their employees badly. These employers believe that in South Africa people are so desperate for work that they will put up with any abuse just to be employed. However, labour law protects employees from abuse in the workplace. They say that if you are being mistreated at work, when you join them you can strike back legally.

► Scorpion Legal Protection is a non-mandated intermediary who have been providing affordable legal assistance to policyholders since 1996. They give you choices with their legal plans which are truly affordable, starting at R45 a month and going up to R130 a month for the more comprehensive plan.

Their legal protection products cover you and your family from those high legal costs that could lead to legal actions being brought against you. Scorpion Legal have laid out their policies on their website for you to compare. Their policies are for civil-, labour-, criminal as well as administrative law cases.

Scorpion in Business

► Scorpion Legal Protection makes it their business, once you sign up with them, to protect your legal rights in and out of court wherever you are in South Africa. Without good legal cover such as what they can provide 24 hours a day, you will be deprived of your rights if you don’t have legal protection.

► For a small monthly premium, Scorpion Legal Protection will fight for your rights. They do this face-to-face or by telephoning or writing to your opponents. The best part is that while they are doing this for you, you don’t have to fret about how you’re going to pay them. Your monthly premiums have done that already, and by seeing to it that you pay your affordable premium month by month, they offer you legal assistance and advice, negotiating on your behalf. Their Scorpion Logo is synonymous of what they can do for you – strike back legally against anyone who violates your rights.

Criminal, Civil, Labour and Admin Law

If you pay a monthly premium, such as what you’ll do with Scorpion Legal, you want them to understand all areas of law. If you have a need to have tax law explained or you want to know about how to draw up a Will, the team at Scorpion Legal can help you or even put you in touch with one of the specialist lawyers.

Lawyers help individuals, groups and companies by providing legal advice and protection from criminal charges and  lawsuits. Online services have certainly made legal information readily available and more affordable. You can use online legal services to find a lawyer, create legal documents and get answers to legal protection questions.

Access to Dedicated Legal Professionals

A legal protection plan from Scorpion Legal Protection can be a huge help to consumers. These legal protection plans allow you access to a team of dedicated legal professionals. People become members of- and pay monthly premiums because life happens and exorbitant legal costs can make it that you never see justice. Legal membership plans will give you the personalised legal attention you require and at the right time.

Scorpion Legal want to know that you are pleased with your legal protection cover and with the particular policy that you signed up for. They provide you with 30 days go over the terms and conditions of the policy, and if you’re not entirely thrilled with the cover, to get a refund.

Years of Practical Legal Involvement

Trust Scorpion Legal to ensure their clients have access to legal advice on a variety of legal issues. With such reasonably priced premiums, Scorpion Legal, with their years of practical involvement in the law, will fight for you and sting your enemies into submission.

All info was correct at time of publishing