Scorpion Legal Assistance

2nd May 2018

Scorpion Legal Assistance aims to provide affordable legal assistance and has been operating since 1996. It is underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance Southern Africa Limited. Scorpion Legal Assistance also offers funeral plans that include legal assistance with finalising the deceased’s estate.

Scorpion also seeks to protect its policyholders from high (and often unexpected) legal costs that result from legal actions brought against them. It also provides affordable coverage for legal fees and expenses.

Scorpion offers policyholders affordable premiums to ensure legal cover that includes:

  • Access to legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • Independent attorneys to represent clients in court matters


Policyholders can contact Scorpion at any time through any of the following means:

  • Call centres
  • SMS (including call back service)
  • Online or via Facebook


So scorpion has six different plans, designed to suit various pockets and requirements, as outlined below.

Policy A 

Scorpion Legal Assistance

  • Monthly premium: R87
  • Cover in court: R87000
  • Also, legal expenses cover for accidental death: R9500


Policy B & C

  • Monthly premium: R45
  • Cover in court: R55000
  • Also, legal expenses cover for accidental death: R5000


Platinum Policy A

  • Monthly premium: R130
  • Cover in court: R150000
  • Legal expenses cover for accidental death: R14000


Platinum Policy B & C – Scorpion Legal Assistance

  • Monthly premium: R78
  • Cover in court: R80000
  • Legal expenses cover for accidental death: R14000


All plans offer the following benefits:

  • Labour or civil cover
  • Also, access to specialist departments, tax help desk and 24-hour legal contact centre
  • Retrenchment and disability benefit
  • 30-day money back guarantee


The more expensive plans include all these as well as the following:

  • Civil, labour, criminal and administrative cover
  • Option to add a parent or parent-in-law


Scorpion policies all have certain limitations and exclusions. These include the following:

  • Limitations per claim and an annual limit on claims
  • Certain legal matters are excluded, which include:
    • Matters that started before joining Scorpion
    • Matrimonial related matters
    • Businesses


Also, Scorpion legal assistance has a programme called “Community Connection” which is a corporate social investment programme that aims to support the communities in which they operate. So through this initiative, Scorpion offers financial and volunteer support and advice.

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All info was correct at time of publishing