Scorpion Legal Advice is Perfect for South Africans

27th October 2017

How does Scorpion Legal Advice Help?

  1. Scorpion will review the legal situation you find yourself in
  2. As skilled lawyers, they will present you with a variety of options
  3. If you can’t make legal decisions, they will assist you to reach a settlement with a legal dispute
  4. Scorpion Legal offers useful legal advice for anyone from their website ‘library’
  5. You can have a Scorpion attorney to represent you in court

Many people, on finding themselves caught up in a legal dispute, urgently search for a lawyer in their area. They go online or they search through the yellow pages. They often end up parting with pots of money and still never get their legal issues solved.

You can’t hope to find a decent lawyer without first doing some research. That is because South Africa has many people parading as professionals. However, they don’t have a qualification or a certificate to show for it.

Prepaid Legal Insurance

South Africa offers many different ways to get legal help such as Legal Aid as well as Legal Clinics offered by universities or law schools. Prepaid legal insurance is a popular arrangement as you can expect to Scorpion Legal Advicehave a lawyer for support by paying a monthly fee.

Before you sign up for any legal advice, make sure you understand how much of the attorney’s time you are eligible to use each month. Also understand what kind of services they offer. With pre-paid legal insurance groups, they hire both less qualified legal assistants but also skilled attorneys.

People who Know the Law

Scorpion Legal Protection offers legal advice. They have been offering their legal services since 1996 already and have helped thousands of people to defend their rights. Simply put, they provide solutions to legal problems.

Everybody knows how impossible it is to get legal assistance in South Africa as the fees are just way to high. There are many bitter South Africans walking around with unresolved legal issues because they don’t have the money to see justice take its course.

Affordable Scorpion Legal Advice can be Yours

Scorpion Legal Advice, with their very affordable monthly premiums, can sort this problem out for you. Their premiums are truly affordable and policyholders will have access to legal advice day and night and every day of the year.

Scorpion Legal offers their clients several plans. On their website, you can look and all of them and compare the services you get to the premiums you will need to pay. You’ll find ticks which indicate the services the plan offers and when there is a cross sign it means that the particular plan doesn’t offer that service.

South Africans are relieved to know that with Scorpion Legal, there is provision made for at least some kind of legal cover. Policy premiums can be as little as R45 a month, while the more comprehensive plans are R87 and R130 a month.

Waiting Periods and Exclusions

You need to understand each plan thoroughly so that you understand the waiting periods and the exclusions. Exclusions are those legal matters that won’t be covered by Scorpion Legal. These exclusions also vary from policy to policy.

Scorpion Legal says that to keep their premiums affordable, they can’t cover matters which started before you joined them. Also, matrimonial-related matters and businesses won’t be covered. The legal team at Scorpion will however, try to assist you with advice and any negotiations with 3rd parties.

Legal Issues Require Advice – Immediately

When you’ve got legal questions that need answering, or when you have a legal issue, it requires seeking legal advice immediately. If you have queries about your legal rights and how certain laws apply to your particular situation, you need to seek the advice of a qualified legal professional simply because the law can be so complex.

Skilled attorneys at Scorpion Legal are then able to research past cases to see how certain laws were applied. Their valuable expertise can be used to help you with your case.

Always get legal advice as soon as possible. Most potential lawsuits have statutes of limitation which means that if you delay with taking action, you could lose your right to recover.

This is precisely why paying a monthly premium is a wise move – you don’t have to delay with action because of lack of funds. If you are involved in a criminal case, you could also relinquish your rights if you don’t speak with a legal professional who can help you understand your situation.

Ignorance isn’t Bliss with the Law

There are also other factors that make it so important to get legal advice when your rights are hanging in the balance. If you sign a contract or other legal document for instance, you’re bound to the contract. Ignorance isn’t bliss when it comes to the law and if you are ignorant of the legal terms within the contract you could find yourself responsible for damages because you never complied with the terms of the contract.

You could end up paying hundreds of thousands of Rands in potential damages. The best way to protect yourself from nightmarish scenarios such as this is to sign up with a company with can offer you sound legal advice and who has qualified legal professionals to advise you on the way forward and to see that you get justice.

Don’t find yourself in a situation where you are wondering where to find sound legal advice. Scorpion Legal are not new in the legal industry and they have already helped many other South Africans. Their affordable premiums can get you out of a whole lot of trouble.

If you don’t understand legal processes, mistakes can be costly. Call Scorpion Legal – they have made it easy with their different contact numbers and methods to get hold of them easily.

Scorpion Legal Advice are Reachable

  • Call them on 0861 333 333 – they are available 24 hours a day
  • SMS them on 34453 and they’ll call you back. Choose a certain word that applies to your reason for wanting to speak to them

WEB – to join Scorpion Legal Advice
ADVICE – for legal advice and assistance
QUERY – for administrative or card queries

Speak to one of the legal staff who can guide you on joining them and having the peace of mind that your rights are protected to the fullest.

All info was correct at time of publishing