Why choose FNB legal cover when you need a lawyer?

27th September 2017

Looking for legal advice but worried about the cost? Choose FNB legal cover for these reasons –

  • Legal cover from FNB is thorough and affordable
  • FNB cover you financially for all legal proceedings
  • Pay as little as R65 a month for great legal services
  • Your policy includes children up to the age of 21

Choose FNB Legal cover and Avoid sky-high Legal bills

FNB Legal cover 

Anyone who has had to deal with legal issues, knows too well that it costs a fortune. Having good legal advice is important with disputes. If not, you may have to pay for damages as well as all legal costs, and who can afford that? It’s important to get good legal advice if you want to win.

Everyone can get legal advice. If you get involved in a legal case, you’re covered for the costs involved. Legal cover is sold with home insurance as an ‘add-on’. This cover is often seen as being for home insurance only. However, the legal action you might claim for doesn’t have to be related to your property.

Treated unfairly at work or become involved in a dispute?  Legal cover provides relief when disputes cost thousands of Rands in fees.

Some of the benefits of FNB Legal cover include –

Not having to deal with upfront solicitor fees as FNB takes care of them. It’s also an alternative to legal aid which can be difficult to get if your salary is too high. Plus, you receive legal advice 24/7/12.

All about FNB and FNB legal Cover

FNB Legal cover FNB Is a financial institution that provides South Africans with a host of banking services. They also cover civil, labour and criminal matters in your legal insurance plan. FNB know that there are very few people who can afford quality legal advice to defend themselves. Investing in

Investing in legal cover is a wise move. Tthe best part is you don’t have to pay out thousands of Rands because of a legal issue. The upfront attorney fees are in the region of R1000 and then the hourly rates quickly add up. FNB will tell you that the average claim costs in the region of R7 000.

The best way to be able to cope with this expense is to find a solution that offers complete legal cover for a small sum each month. FNB is a reputable, trustworthy firm where you have access to quality legal advice. For just R65 a month you get the Law On Call Personal Plan, offering professional legal help and advice. You can call 24 hours a day, every day of the week on 087 736 7773.

You can also meet with a lawyer on FNBs panel for any personal matter. When dealing with matters not covered under the plan, your consultation is limited to one hour.

FNB legal Cover – Law on Call

FNB legal coverThe Law on Call Personal Plan is an insurance policy, underwritten by the authorised financial services provider, RMB Structured Insurance Limited. With this plan, you are covered as well as your immediate family. You will, however, need to be a citizen or resident of South Africa and be in possession of an identity number.

Because South Africa is a democracy, it implies that individuals and businesses need to conduct themselves within the law of the land. Some knowledge of the law is important.

FNB legal Cover and their Justice 1st Product –

  • Receive legal protection for civil, criminal and labour matters
  • Your partner and children up to the age of 21 are covered
  • You get access to legal advice you can afford
  • 24/7 legal advice on the phone
  • Investigative services, legal representation in court and a 30-minute meeting with your lawyer
  •  The plan covers labour matters such as unfair dismissal or working conditions, employment contracts, discrimination and disciplinary proceedings.
  • Criminal matters include being arrested
  • Civil matters include drawing up a Will, debt counselling, divorce, lease agreements and disputes with your body corporate etc.

The Justice 1st Gold and Platinum plans 

  • The Gold Plan is R60 per month and a maximum cover of R65,000 per matter and R650,000 lifetime cover.
  • The Platinum plan is R100 to R190 per month and a maximum cover per matter is R100,000.

What You need to Buy the Plans –

  • A South African ID
  • A bank account
  • You need to be older than 18 years of age

Being on the wrong side of the law, whether intentionally or unintentionally can be stressful. More so when you don’t have money to pay for a lawyer.

Buy yourself Peace of Mind

Apart from being on the wrong side of the law, anyone who runs a business can find themselves battling with legal issues. Get peace of mind for a small monthly fee that provides skilled lawyers who guide you.

All info was correct at time of publishing