What is Scorpion?

28th October 2017

What is Scorpion Legal?

1. They provide affordable legal service to policyholders
2. They are an intermediary helping South African defend their rights
3. Policyholders have access to legal advice 24/7
4. With court matters, they provide clients with independent attorneys
5. Their funeral policy is also backed by lawyers who offer advice on matters such as finalising the deceased’s estate

Legal Services from a Reputable Source

If you’re looking for legal services, you’ll want to know you’re getting good advice from a reputable source. The best lawyers are knowledgeable about law. Certainly every business in South Africa, apart from an accountant, will need a good lawyer. The reason for hiring a lawyer is important as they will provide vital assistance in almost every aspect of your business.

Get Legal Help BEFORE You are Sued

It is true that many small businesses delay taking on the services of a lawyer until they are served with a What is Scorpion Legal Servicessummons. The time to connect with a good business lawyer is before you are sued. Without the services of a good lawyer on your side, a business will have to be looking at in court cost as well as attorney’s fees and these can add up to a fortune.

Nobody wants to pay attorneys’ fees for anything, but the fee you pay a legal company each month will be just a small sum when compared to the fees you have to pay a lawyer when you receive a summons.

Working with the right  attorneys will save you time and money. Scorpion Legal assists their clients to make legally sound decisions because they have legal support to make all those important decisions.

What is Scorpion? A Company with clout in the Legal Community

A firm such as Scorpion Legal has some worthwhile advantages – they have all the legal skills you need and they also have clout in the legal community of South Africa.  Being connected with a well-established law firm such as Scorpion Legal can provide many benefits.

What is Scorpion? First of all they have knowledge to deal with all areas of law – business law, contracts, taxes and licenses, real estate, intellectual property and more.  If you or your business has specialized legal needs, your attorney needs to be familiar with that special area of law. You shouldn’t have to go looking for a new lawyer each time a different type of legal problem emerges.

Scorpion Legal Protection, underwritten by Legal Expenses Insurance SA Limited is a non-mandated intermediary. Since 1996 they have been providing their legal assistance to policyholders who emjoy the affordable premiums for so much cover,

Scorpion also doesn’t accept any kind of fraudulent behaviour. If any of their own members have acted fraudulently you can report them. You can do it completely anonymously at the Insurance Fraudline on 0860 002 526. The fraudline is an independent service provider.

Legal Advice offered around the Clock

Scorpion Legal provides solutions to your legal problems with their affordable premiums. Policyholders of Scorpion Legal can know that when the time comes, they can have access to legal advice 24 hours a day and every day of the week. Scorpion also has independent attorneys who support policyholders in court matters.

Scorpion’s legal policies cater for everybody’s needs and when you go onto their website you can compare their different policies. They offer their Policy A, Policy B, Policy C as well as their Platinum A, Platinum B and Platinum C. The premium each month for Policy A is R87 a month. Policy B and Policy C are just R45 a month. Platinum B and Platinum C are R78 a month while their Platinum A is R130 amonth. Between all these Plans, Scorpion Legal also offer cover in court from R55 000 to R150 000.

What is Scorpion apart from a legal services firm? They also have –

  • Accidental Death Legal Expenses cover
  • Labour cover, Civil cover, Criminal cover
  • Administrative cover
  • Specialist departments
  • Tax help
  • 24 hour Legal Contact Centre
  • Retrenchment and Disability benefit


With their Funeral policy, policyholders are provided with the financial means to provide a decent funeral. These funerals are also backed by skilled lawyers. This is a huge relief as when someone dies, there are a host of legal duties that need attending to such as attending to the deceased individual’s estate.

The Scorpion Library

You can get all the latest Scorpion Legal Protection news, videos and documents all in one place under ‘Library’ on their website. For instance they provide you with many legal articles which are basic guidelines on legal matters, but you can contact Scorpion Legal Protection for more information.

Under ‘Library’ you’ll also find legal videos which will inform you on the services you can expect from on of their skilled, experienced lawyers.

There is nothing that the Scorpion Legal team has left uncovered. They provide plenty of useful information on all legal matters. If you need to know more, why not call the Scorpion Contact Centre number on 0861 333 333? They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Scorpion will Call You Back

What is Scorpion communication methods? You can SMS Scorpion on 34453 and they will call you back. The keywords to use are listed below and you select the one that is appropriate to your needs –

WEB to join Scorpion
ADVICE for legal advice and assistance
QUERY for administrative or card queries

You must be Totally Satisfied

Scorpion want you to be satisfied with the legal products and services they offer. To this end they offer a money-back guarantee – 30 days to read the terms and conditions of the policy. During this trial period, if you aren’t happy with the cover, the legal company will refund you. You’ve got 30 days from date of receipt of your legal policy to cancel it. The cancellation must be done in writing.

There are so many people who try to work out their own legal solutions and they only approach attorneys when a situation looks as though it is becoming more serious.

For a mere R45 a month and more, depending on your plan, you can have excellent legal help with filing trademarks, handling lawsuits, help with defamation issues and much more from Scorpion Legal.

It’s ridiculously affordable this legal help from Scorpion, and with such superb legal assistance, there is no reason to wait – get cracking now and buy yourself some peace of mind too.

All info was correct at time of publishing