Scorpion Legal Services

27th October 2017

Why Sign Up for Scorpion Legal Services?

  1. They’ve got affordable plans for those who who don’t qualify for legal aid
  2. Their policies are affordable and within reach
  3. They offer policies which tackle a host of legal issues
  4. It’s comforting knowing that there are legal experts available to you 24/7
  5. They have funeral plans which include access to legal advice on any legal challenges connected to death and estates


Ordinary Earners Benefit from Affordable Legal Policies

If you can’t afford a lawyer, but you require legal representation, in South Africa you can get free legal help. This free legal assistance is only for those who earn small salaries.

The lawyers are able to help you with any legal problems relating to labour issues. They also handle retrenchments, housing, family law, bankruptcy, as well as criminal cases. So if good legal services are available free of charge to the poor, what do the rest of us do?

R45 can buy you Peace of Mind

There are legal services providers who, for a small sum of money each month, can offer you excellent legal services. Scorpion Legal Services aren’t free. However, what with a couple of their plans being R45 a month, most ordinary South Africans can afford legal cover.

We’re all going to need legal cover at some time and it doesn’t come cheap. We’ll all enter a contract at some time. And a breach of contract for instance will result in a loss for the other party. If Scorpion Legal Servicesyou suffer loss in consequences of breach of contract, by law the person is required to mitigate their damages and take reasonable measures which will minimise their loss. Failing to do so will reduce the damages of that claim.

Fortunately with legal services cover such as Scorpion offers, you can reduce the financial burden of defending a claim. Of course, premium prices for legal services can vary, depending on your specific legal needs.

If you’re a Scorpion Legal Services policyholder you might need to have some questions answered. Contact Scorpion Legal calling them on 0861 333 333. They are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also SMS them on 34453 and they’ll call you back.

Scorpion Legal Services Keeps an Eye on their Own

We’ve all heard of crime which starts within a business, but Scorpion Legal will have none of it. They don’t condone fraudulent behaviour. And if any of their staff are acting fraudulently, they encourage you to report them to Scorpion. They will keep your details anonymous. Call them on the Insurance Fraudline on 0860 002 526 or you can send an email to

The Law Touches all Areas of our Life

Just look over your own life and you quickly discover how throughout our lives, we are dealing with legal issues. Buying a car, buying a house, marrying, signing contracts – there are legal components to many areas of our life.

Most South Africans can’t access legal representation, whereas with a legal benefits plan in place, anyone who may well have given up on getting legal help can have a skilled attorney close at hand.

Coverage in any legal plan can vary so understand exactly what Scorpion Legal is offering. When you require legal assistance, a monthly legal plan can help you avoid those massive legal costs that you need to pay upfront before you can access legal services.

Unfortunately there are many people who opt to represent themselves with a legal issue simply because they can’t afford an attorney’s services, and then legal representation can help.

Anyone who doesn’t have a complete understanding of how the law works can find themselves losing money or even property and not achieving the desired outcome. Just having a skilled lawyer on your side can reduce the stress of wondering if you are taking the right course of action and where it will all end.

On their website, Scorpion Legal lays out their different plans for you to compare and to see what benefits and cover each plan offers. While the plans offer legal advice and assistance as well as cover in court to a certain value such as R55 000, R80 000 or 150 000 for instance, there are some exclusions from some plans.

Between the different plans, you get legal assistance with the likes of –

Issues with debt

Anyone drowning in debt won’t want to spend money on hiring a lawyer, but with a legal plan from Scorpion Legal for as little as R45 a month, once you sign up and become a member you can get legal help with negotiating with creditors.

Real Estate

Buying or selling real estate involves massive financial transactions. Real estate agents don’t offer legal advice, and having the services of an experienced legal professional for an occasion such as this can lp ensure a smooth experience while at the same time protect your finances.

Fraud and Theft

Identity theft can bring about a host of financial problems as thieves fraudulently use your credit cards and access your bank account. With a legal plan, you can access immediate assistance from skilled lawyers who can guide you through the  process of reporting the identity theft and also assist you with restoring your identity.

Scorpion Legal offers policyholders a number of plans which ensure that members are prepared when legal issues threaten to disrupt their lives and their peace. Contact Scorpion Legal and make sure that for a very reasonable sum each month you can have a legal expert on your side who will see that justice is served.

Scorpion Legal Services has been providing affordable legal assistance to South Africans for a few decades. Why not become one of the many South Africans for whom the non-mandated intermediary has provided solid legal assistance? They provide solutions to legal problems and also have  independent attorneys supporting policyholders in court matters.

How to Conduct your Case

Make use of the many contact options Scorpion Legal Services provide to sign up with them. Having a lawyer fighting for you and being able to get their advice and assistance with what documents you need to prove your case and to even attend your trial can be a huge weight off your mind.

All info was correct at time of publishing