What does the Scorpion Legal Policy have to offer?

21st October 2017

Scorpion Legal Policy has been in the business of providing people with affordable legal insurance for more than two decades. They have an amazing range of plans to offer people from all walks of life.

They are a solid company with:

  • A proven track record
  • Expert legal advice 24/7/365
  • Flexible options
  • A range of funeral plans


A Scorpion legal Policy has a Sting

Scorpion Legal PolicyBy putting quality legal assistance within reach of everyone, Scorpion strives to help people access their rights  Legal insurance helps save you from the high costs of legal fees. When an incident that requires legal advice happens, your savings might not get you to first base.

Expert legal Advice 24/7/365

As a member, whenever you have an issue you need expert advice on, you can rely on us to provide this anytime, any day. If the matter requires a court appearance, we have a network of lawyers on standby.

A Range of six Legal policies

 There are six plans listed below from Scorpion with their benefits:

Policy A: A monthly premium of R87 gets legal cover for up to R87,000. You get a payout of R9,500 for any legal costs related to accidental death as well. The cover extends to civil, labour and criminal cases. In addition to this, you get sound legal advice any time of day or night from our 24-hour contact centre.

Policy B&C: These two policies are R45 per month and have similar benefits. With lower premiums as compared to Policy A, there are fewer benefits. For instance, you won’t be covered for criminal cases for both, although Policy B offers cover for labour cases.

Platinum A: This has the highest premiums with the most benefits. For R130 monthly you receive a payout of R150,000 to settle your legal expenses if you have to be represented in court. Instead of R9,500, you will have R14,000 as compensation for the legal costs of an accidental death.

Platinum B&C: Pays court representation costs up to R80,000 but the accidental death legal cover remains at R14,000. There are slight differences between Platinum B and C plans. There’s no payout for legal expenses for labour disputes for the latter, for instance. But Platinum B will cover you for labour cases. B will not provide cover for civil cases but C will.

There are benefits which apply across the board regardless of which plan you pick. These include the retrenchment or disability benefit and the 30-day money back guarantee.

A Scorpion Legal Policy has the Option of a Funeral plan

In 2008 Scorpion made funeral plans available to help people afford the cost of legal advice when dealing with the deceased person’s estate.

All info was correct at time of publishing