Good Legal Cover from Scorpion

26th March 2018

The law is complicated, so it can be a relief, when you find yourself in a legal tangle, to be able to call on skilled lawyers so that the weight of legal anxiety can roll off your shoulder. Good legal cover enables that.

Many people go through life bitter and frustrated because their legal cases have never been heard. This is because it is often too expensive to involve a lawyer. But the question is ‘where do you go for cheap legal cover’? Scorpion Legal Protection has been providing affordable legal help to policyholders since 1996, helping people to to defend and enforce their rights.

Scorpion provides good legal cover for legal problems at affordable premiums. They have independent attorneys whose aim it is to support policyholders in matters relating to court or when they require legal representation.

Good Legal Cover from ScorpionPolicyholders will have access to legal advice 24/7. Scorpion’s attorneys are ready to support  policyholders when they require legal representation.

Good Legal Cover Starting from R45 a Month

Legal advice and services can cost a fortune so you want to be sure you have someone who will do their utmost to win your case for you. Depending on your legal insurance plan and the company  you choose, various types of protection plans will cover certain sectors of the law. To benefit from this protection you need to pay a monthly premium.

Scorpion offers several legal plans –  Policies A, B and C and Platinum A, B and C Policies. For instance for Policy A will cost you R87 a month and  Policy B and C will be R45 a month. Their Platinum  A will be R130 a month and Platinum B and C will each be R78 a month.

Payment Convenience

You can pay these premiums each month by means of stop order, debit order,  at the post-office, at an easy-pay outlet or at any of Scorpion’s service branches.

Each of the 6 plans offers –

  • Legal advice and assistance
  • Accidental Death Legal Expenses Cover
  • Cover in Court
  • Tax Help Desk
  • Specialist Departments
  • 30 day money-back guarantee
  • Legal Sting Newsletter
  • Retrenchment and Disability Benefit
  • 24 hour legal contact centre


Some plans also offer –

  • Labour-, Civil-, Criminal- and Administrative Cover
  • Free Scorpion Wallet
  • Add-a-Parent or Parent-in-Law Cover


There are some matters that won’t be covered with Scorpion’s Legal Cover, some of which are marital, family and relationship issues as well as divorce actions and custody of children.

Taking the Sting out of Legal Costs

Scorpion is giving you the opportunity to strike back legally with their help. Scorpion has many branches operating all over South Africa and since 1996 that they have been offering their affordable legal help.

Policyholders have access to legal advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and their contact number is 0861 333 333.

Why not call Scorpion? Their insurance will cover you and your family against those massive legal costs that can mean legal action brought against you. Choose the Scorpion policy that best suits your needs and go forward with day to day activities with confidence and peace of mind.

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